What we do

With the continuous rise in popularity of ethnic foods in the U.K., King Asia Foods has responded to these topical trends and created a number of highly successful concepts now marketed throughout Britain. We manufacture quality-driven food across many categories and reaching many sectors of the food industry. We also produce components for third party companies to further process such as sauces and prepared meats.

  • Retail: We produce asian and oriental ready meals under the Mayflower brand which have stood the test of time. These products are sold in frozen food specialist stores and convenience stores such as Farmfoods, Spar, or Nisa Today’s, to name a few. We also have listings with other national chain stores, and supplying into many wholesalers and the independent retail chains.
  • Foodservice: We design our products to specifically meet our customers’ needs. Our flexibility means that we can produce high-end authentic foods loved by all consumers.
  • B2B: We have the expertise to provide components that enhance third party products. Whether it’s authentic sauces, battered products, or specially marinated meats for sandwich or meal producers, we can tailor-make components fit for any purpose.