Company objective: We aim to create successful food solutions within the retail and foodservice sectors. We manufacture quality cross category foods at realistic prices in response to consumer-driven environments.

Kin Him Fong believes that successful products not only rely on taste, but also encompasses other important elements such as aroma, texture, mouth-feel and, where possible, be aesthetically pleasing.

We are guided by:

  • Creativity: We love to innovate and create new concepts. Whether it’s non-oriental food, new ideas from the Far East, or simply just improving our recipes, we love to spend time in our kitchens to develop and improve our product range.
  • Results: We believe in achieving results and delivering our promises. Through establishing a good reputation, more customers buy into our products and concepts.
  • Excellence: We strive to be excellent at everything we do, so that we can achieve set goals and deliver our promises. Whether it’s our customer service, or actual quality of product, we strive for excellence because we care about what we do.
  • Authenticity: With our expertise, we ensure that the level of authenticity in our recipes are ‘fit for purpose’. Good selling products always entail the right combination of quality, price and marketing.
  • Trust: By listening to our customers and providing results, we are able to develop trust with those customers. With trust, we are able to work closer with our customers, ensuring that we can provide enhancements to our customers’ menus.
  • Execution: Our professionalism means that when we say we’ll do something, we do it to the best of our ability, and execute any project accurately and promptly.