Frozen and ambient retail meals and sauces.

Dozens of Asian classics such as egg fried rice, sweet and sour batters, chow mein, chicken curry and more.

British favourites such as curry’n’chips, cheesy chips and gravy’n’chips.

Ground breaking dry mix products including our famous Curry Sauce Mix and brand new Southern Style Gravy Mix.


A great variety of dishes inspired by cuisine from countries around the world. Delicious and packing contrasting flavours, these complete dishes and food components are made to make life easy for users to offer great food in many servery formats.

From high end restaurants and fast food establishments, to noodle bars and buffets, from colleges and universities to hotels and pub chains, King Asia has the know how to fulfill the most ambitious of ventures.


These delicious oriental sauces are produced and stored in ambient containers enabling the user to dose quickly in stir-fry dishes and pour-over (for sweet and sour sauce)

Ideal in formats where fast delivery of freshly cooked dishes are necessary.


Prepared for convenience and quick service with zero waste, these tasty meals and sides are fully portioned, complete, and ready to use.

Suitable for eateries without the need for skilled chefs. Also suitable for vending machines.